SIT022 - Dawn Deacon's Greatest Hits
(A special SIT Production featuring the best of Dawn Deacon)

Dawn Deacon is well known and loved by CP enthusiasts worldwide, for her many roles in videos and magazine appearances over the years and we'd like to think that some of her best performances ever, have been recorded for Sting in the Tail Productions!

Extremely strict and stern and possessing an incredible caning action, Dawn is undeniably one of the best Dommes in the business. Just ask anyone who's been on the receiving end of Dawn's right hand for either a blisteringly hard spanking, or a searing caning!

However, she is probably best loved for her video appearances in a submissive role and there is little doubt that Dawn possesses one of the most, if not THE most spankable bottom in the history of English CP videos! Dawn is also well known for her ability to receive severe canings and the sight of her lovely curvaceous bum covered in red stripes is one to be savoured!

We believe that some of Dawn's most memorable moments have been captured by Sting in the Tail Productions. Who can forget the incredibly strict performances she gave as 'Miss Taylor' in 'Pupil Caught' and 'You Should be Expelled'? The canings handed out in these films were truly awsome, with the latter title winning S.I.T a runners up award for 'Best Caning Video' last year.

'Teacher Taught Again' and more recently, 'Young Offender Part 2' shows Dawn really being put through her paces, as she finds herself on the receiving end of some pretty harsh treatment!

To celebrate Dawn's popularity, we have decided to produce 'Dawn Deacon's Greatest Hits' - a compilation of some of the best moments from the seven brilliant films she has made for us so far. The film features non-stop all action clips from the following films:-

  • Teacher Taught
  • Pupil Caught
  • Matron had the Vapours
  • You Should be Expelled
  • Teacher Taught Again
  • Young Offender Part 2
  • 2000 Stroke Challenge

A chance for Dawn fans to get all their favoutite bits on one DVD and for those who may not so far, be fortunate enough to have seen Dawn in action, then what better way to introduce the top (and bottom) lady of CP from both sides of the cane!!